University of Nottingham (UNOTT)

The University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD, United Kingdom

University of Nottingham is ranked in the top 25 European universities and the Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC) is a world leader in the pavement and railway engineering. It will contribute its expertise as a leading world research university and training centre for post-graduate research in Transportation Engineering.

Key Facilities

Researchers will have access to NTEC’s three-storey, £2.5 million pound laboratory, with over 2,300 square meters of floor space, providing globally leading technical facilities for testing bound and unbound pavement materials and other pavement and rail track engineering research activities. UNOTT will also provide support and access to the five Graduate Centres in the campus and will provide the several training courses listed elsewhere through the Central Short Course Service. NTEC host also a center in Smart and Multi-functional roads directed by Dr.Alvaro Garcia ( which is extremely relevant to the project and will provide expertise.


Davide Lo Presti, Senior Research Fellow (WP1 Leader (Management), coordination, research, supervision, management, training)

Gordon Airey, Head & Full Professor (Research, supervision, training)

Andrew Dawson, Associate Professor (WP4 leader (Training), research, supervision, training)

Alvaro Garcia, Lecturer (Research, supervision, training)

Luis Canhoto Neves, Lecturer (Research, supervision, training)

Sandra Winfield, UNOTT Financial&Business Services (Financial and Administrative support)

Alison Johnson, UNOTT Researcher Training & Development Manager (Network-wide training platform)


UNOTT has had a great deal of success with providing training programmes through Marie Curie funding including TRANSMIT, MUMOLADE and TEAM ITNs. There is a culture of providing the highest level of doctoral training through participation in national Doctoral Training Centres, where the Faculty of Engineering has widespread involvement in the training of 25 doctoral students as part of this scheme.

Focused on EU project the sole NTEC is currently coordinating the following the“Sustainable Pavement and Railway, International Training Network, FP7 SUP&RITN funded by European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme.

Relevant Research Publications

Lo Presti D. (2013)Recycled tyre rubber modified bitumen for road asphalt mixtures: a literature review”, Construction and Building Materials Elsevier, Subhy A., Lo Presti D., Airey G., (2015) Rubberised bitumen manufacturing assisted by rheological measurements” - Road Materials and Pavement Design, Taylor&Francis,Chiarelli A, Dawson AR, García A, (2015), “Parametric analysis of energy harvesting pavements operated by air convection”, Applied EnergyChiarelli, A., Dawson, A. R., García, A., (2015)Generation of virtual asphalt mixture porosity for computational modelling: Powder Technology Powder Technology”.Jacinto, L., Neves, L. C., Santos, L. O., (2016) “Bayesian assessment of an existing bridge: a case study” Structure and Infrastructure Engineering Structure andInfrastructure Engineering.