Thematic Training weeks

The consortium combines and shares expertise, offering advanced scientific training structured into network-wide thematic taught modules. The Coordination has identified at least 6 thematic training weeks that will see the participation of worldwide renown experts providing fellows with specialist lectures.

“Introductory week on Transport Infrastructures” Nottingham, February 2018

In February (12th –16th) we had the privilege to welcome 15 SMARTI ETN researchers and 30+ transport professionals on our first training event hosted by NTEC and University of Nottingham. This training was an excellent opportunity for them to get to know each other and the programme, and get the overall idea how the next 3 years will impact their lives and careers.

As part of the outreach training, NTEC and the University of Nottingham will organise Digital Marketing Training Week from 22 to 25th May 2018. Researchers will have the opportunity to present their projects, communicate their ideas, and learn from industry partners how to speak the “corporate” language.

During this training week, fellows will learn about application development and blogging, the overall importance of digital presence and the its positive effects on their careers. They will get the knowledge and basis on how to communicate with both scientific and general public, participate and present on leading international conferences.

Course title: “Advanced methods for environmental and economic performance assessment of pavements”

Specialist lecturer: Prof. John Harvey (UC Davis, USA)

Course title: “Identifying and fulfilling the requirements of future road transportation networks”

Specialist lecturer: Dr. Nicolas Hautiere (IFSTTAR, France)

Course title: “Online and onboard monitoring for safety and sustainability of rail infrastructure”

Specialist lecturer: Prof. Yiqing Ni (Honk Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)

Course title: “Resiliency of Transport Infrastructures”

Specialist lecturer: Prof. Mark Stewart (University of Newcastle, Australia)

Specific modules to support job creation such as business, entrepreneurship, communication, project management and other transferrable skills will enrich the training programme.