The SMARTI ESRs will be trained primarily “locally” at the premises of the host institutions included in each Individual Research Projects (IRP) with individual scientific and on-the-job training provided by academic and industry partners as follow:

  • The local training will involve both scientific-based and complementary skills training. These will be necessarily project specific and will leverage on the capacity of the involved organisations.
  • Each project will feature a strong collaborative multi-sector effort and multi-disciplinary effort with at least one academic institution and an industrial partner organisation. This will provide the ESRs with cross-sector and cross-disciplinary supervision.
  • Each project will feature will also offer significant mobility opportunities. This will allow having cross-national supervision

Doctorate Programme (PhD)
  • Each fellow will be provided with the opportunity to register for a PhD programme at one of the academic institutions of the Consortium
  • PhD fees will be covered
  • PhD award is not guaranteed
  • Whenever possible, the ESRs will be given the possibility of being awarded with a European PhD certificate
Supervision Arrangments

In order to maximise the possibility for the fellows to achieve the important step of actually being awarded with a PhD, SMARTI ETN offers a structure that is not possible to recognize in an ordinary PhD programme:

  • Each ESR will be supported by a Main Supervisor(s) at the host institutions and other “local supervisors” during secondments.
  • Furthermore all the fellows will be supported by a Network-wide Supervision Panel (NWSP) who will guide them in specialist matters, key research tools, and dissemination strategies to support publication in the best international journals.
  • The ESR, the supervisor and the NWSP are then responsible for the development and implementation of a Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP) that will be regularly updated and centrally monitored from the WP4 leaders