SMARTI ETN is divided into five Work Packages (WP). Each WP has an appointed academic leader and a deputy industry leader who will take responsibility for the local supervision, execution and reporting. An industrial deputy leader will share these tasks and provide the industrial point-of-view. This structure will ensure the adequate development of the whole project during the four years.

Over the WPs, the Supervisory Board is the ultimate decision body in the project. It comprises one representative of all beneficiaries and partners, the WP leaders, the Doctoral Studies Panel (DSP) and an ESR representative. The purpose of the DSP is to support and advise both the candidate and the main supervisor throughout the doctoral programme by monitoring the progress of the candidate and providing advice and support on research and training.

There is also a Committee for ESRs to raise any concerns to the Supervisory Board they may have in relation to their programme of study or to facilities in their particular hosts/secondments. The Supervisory Board is chaired by the Project Coordinator who also acts as the intermediary between the EC and the SMARTI network. The Coordinator is supported in project management activities by the Project Manager and the Administrative Manager.

WP1 Management

Project Coordinator: Dr Davide Lo Presti (University of Nottingham)

Project Manager: Ms Ana Jiménez del Barco Carrión (University of Nottingham)

Administrative Manager: Ms Sandra Winfield (University of Nottingham)

WP2 SMARTI Prototypes

Dr Davide Lo Presti (The University of Nottingham)

Dr Emmanuel Chailleux (IFSTTAR)

WP3 SMARTI Guidelines

Prof Mayca Rubio (The University of Granada)

Dr Simon Pouget (EIFFAGE)

WP4 Training

Individual Training

Mr Andrew Dawson

Doctoral Studies Panel


Group Training

Dr Davide Lo Presti (The University of Nottingham)

Ms Alison Johnson (The University of Nottingham)

Miss Ana Jiménez del Barco Carrión (The University of Nottingham)

WP5 Dissemination and Outreach

Miss Ana Jiménez del Barco Carrión (The University of Nottingham)

Miss Jelena Stankovic (The University of Nottingham)

Miss Natalia Colinas Armijo (The University of Palermo)

Dr Davide Lo Presti (The University of Nottingham)