ESR5 - Sustainable Harvesting of Energy from Rail Infrastructure - “SHERI”

  • Project: “SHERI” – Sustainable Harvesting of Energy from Rail Infrastructure
  • Host Institution: The University of Nottingham (UNOTT)
  • Address: The University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD, United Kingdom
  • Main Supervisor: Mr.Dawson (UNOTT) – Sustainable Engineering
  • ESR5 will register for PhD at UNOTT


The overall goal is (1) to develop a technique for energy collection and storage in the rail environment that could be used for non-motive power (e.g. signal and sign, work-zone lighting, switch heating, station illumination, etc.). As initial steps in such a process, the more limited aim of this project is (2) to find and optimize simple and economic means of abstracting mechanical energy from passing trains and/or solar energy falling on the track, (3) without resorting to material- and energy-intensive PVs and batteries, so that sustainable and readily distributed systems can be implemented by subsequent implementers.

Expected Results

Demonstration pilot-scale sustainable energy harvesting technology for rail application.

Expected Collaborations

Planned secondment(s) and Training offered: UNOTT will provide expertise with railway trackbed design, sustainable engineering, energy harvesting concepts, materials. The partnership with strategic partners will provide:

  • EIFFAGE: understand the contracting business in the rail sector and make initial plans for a pilot-scale implementation (1 month, M23); on-site experience, implement energy harvesting pilot-scale equipment on site
  • AECOM: design and safety case for railway implementation, site visits, constraints on engineering implementation
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