ESR2 - Nanosensor technology for road pavements - “Nano Asphalt”

  • Project:  “Nano Asphalt” – Nanosensor technology for road pavements
  • Host Institution: EIFFAGE (EIFFAGE)
  • Address: 3 Rue Hrant Dink, Lyon 69002, France
  • Main Supervisor: Dr Pouget (EIFFAGE)  Contractor and manager
  • ESR2 will register for PhD at LPCIM


The objective is to optimise a novel Weigh-in-Motion nanosensor technology to make it applicable and competitive for multi-functional applications in Smart Roads, notably vehicle counting, overloading detection and enforcement, and road damage assessment. 

The focus will be on the 3 following priorities: 

  • Achieve higher precision level than industry standards at competitive cost, via the use of massively distributed, low cost, nano-enabled sensing elements embedded in the road
  • Ensure sustainability and durability of the system (min 5 years, target 10 years)
  • Develop reliable processes for the whole product lifecycle
Expected Results

Validated a competitive Weigh in Motion product via the use of massively distributed, road-embedded nanosensors.

Expected Collaborations

EIFFAGE will offer training in road engineering, laboratory tests and will be the environment for the requirements setting, Process development, deployment, field tests. 

  • LPICM (Laboratorie De Physique Des Interfaces Et Des Couches Minces)Sensor development and optimization; sensor reliability analysis (6 months at M10)
  • SENCEIVEElectronics-Communication (1 month at M20)
  • IFSTTARSystem architecture, data analytics (2 months at M27)
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