ESR1 - Encapsulated rejuvenators for asphalt mixture - “REJUCAPHALT”

  • Project: “REJUCAPHALT” – Encapsulated rejuvenators for asphalt mixture
  • Host Institution: The University of Nottingham (UNOTT)
  • Address: The University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD, United Kingdom
  • Main Supervisor: Dr Garcia (UNOTT)  Smart material, selfhealing
  • ESR1 will register for a PhD at UNOTT


The objective of this project will be to develop and analyse the effect of capsules on the durability and performance of asphalt mixtures. With this purpose, (1) different triggers to release the capsules content, such as chemical degradation from water or oxygen, and mechanical loading will be computationally analysed in modelled capsules; (2) capsules with the selected properties will be developed and characterised; (3) the effect of capsules on the durability of asphalts will be characterised in small scale experiments. 

Expected Results

Capsules developed and tested under simulated road environment.

Expected Collaborations

Planned secondment(s) and on-the-job training offered:  The project will be developed through planned international collaborations with at least two international partners. University of Nottingham will provide their expertise with laboratory testing, while REPSOL will provide expertise from chemistry and bitumen-testing together with industrial info for the analysis of the effect of capsules in bitumen, while Highways England Ltd will provide the ESR with the chance to gain site experience.

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