SMARTI Prototypes will allow 8 researchers (ESR1 – 8) to carry out research projects aiming at investigating the possibility of developing smart prototypes of infrastructure components for roads, railways and airports (i.e. smart pavements, bridges, railway trackbeds, etc.), designed to maximise recycling and durability, to enable energy harvesting,to incorporate nano-sensors and low-cost monitoring equipment, to provide infrastructures with smart responses to changes and generally using innovative promising features to create pieces of the complex puzzle of Sustainable Multi-Functional Automated Resilient roads, railways and airports. All the prototypes will be designed, so few steps from an implementation and launch by stakeholders. This will maximise the appealing and employability of the fellowsThe selected smart road components will be investigated for application in both extra-urban and urban highways; the railway technologies to be applied either on standard railway infrastructure or high-speed railways and airports components will be developed specifically for airport runways.


Encapsulated rejuvenators for asphalt mixture

“Nano Asphalt”

Nanosensor technology for road pavements


Development of a pavement system able to capture solar energy


Development of a railway system component (earthworks, transitions, trackbed, drainage) remote condition monitoring methodology and analysis tools to predict future system deterioration


Sustainable Harvesting of Energy from Rail Infrastructure

“Smart Damper”

Smart railway and road bridges through novel formulation for introducing seismic damper


Smart and Sustainable solutions for road and airport pavements