ESR9 - Risk-based Resilience indicators for Roadway networks - “ResilRoad”

  • Project: “ResilRoad” – Risk-based Resilience indicators for Roadway networks
  • Host Institution: The University of Nottingham (UNOTT)
  • Address: The University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD, United Kingdom
  • Main Supervisor: Dr Neves (UNOTT) – Resilient Structures
  • ESR9 will register for PhD at UNOTT


The aim is (1) to define a risk-based methodology for quantifying the resilience of road networks to extreme events, including weather events and man-made events. For this, (2) a simplified probabilistic characterization of hazards will be defined considering their impact on the network, based on historical data. A network traffic model will be used to (3) define the potential impact of these events on the usability of the network, considering, for example, the increased travel time. Comparing this with the benefits resulting from the network, a resilience measure can be defined, and sensitivity analysis can be used to identify critical assets in the network.

Expected Results

Improved risk-modelling methods for transportation networks under severe disruptive events.

Expected Collaborations

Planned secondment(s) and Training offered: UNOTT will provide expertise with structure design, generate a FE model of the structure, risk and reliability. The partnership with strategic partners will provide:

  • AECOM: investigation, survey, monitoring, design and modelling of highway and railway footbridges and viaducts
  • UCD: traffic loading and modelling
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