ESR14 - Mechanomutable asphalt binders for the construction of smart pavements - “MAB”

  • Project: “MAB”Mechanomutable asphalt binders for the construction of smart pavements
  • Host Institution: The University of Granada
  • Address: Av. del Hospicio, s/n, 18010 Granada, Spain
  • Main Supervisor: Prof.Rubio (UGR) – Road materials and lab testing
  • ESR14 will register for PhD at UGR


This project aims to (1) study asphalt binders with mechanomutable properties to obtain smart materials able to adapt their mechanical performance to the real changing load conditions that occur during their service life (2) at laboratory scale implementation solutions for smart infrastructures will be defined and assess, trying to test the optimal solution at an industrial scale during the last year of research. (3) A3IP will contribute towards automated infrastructures. It’s an innovative solution that offers a wide range of application in this field.

Expected Results

Implementing new dynamic models for the interpretation of load-transfer efficiency.

Expected Collaborations

Planned secondment(s) and Training offered: UGR will provide expertise with mechanomutable properties of the smart asphalt, materials. The partnership with strategic partners will provide:

  • A3IP: sensor embedding and electronics
  • UNOTT: lifecycle costing, sustainable engineering
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