ESR10 - Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment for Transport Infrastructures - “LCSA4TRANSPORT”

  • Project: “LCSA4TRANSPORT”Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment for Transport Infrastructures
  • Host Institution: The University of Palermo (UNIPA)
  • Address: Università degli Studi di Palermo, Piazza Marina 61, 90133 PALERMO
  • Main Supervisor: Dr.Lo Presti (UNOTT) – Sustainable Engineering
  • ESR10 will register for PhD at UNIPA


We live in a time of rapid technological development and significant interest in sustainability. It is, therefore, imperative to have tools available for the sustainability assessment of existing and new technologies. This is recognised by the European Commission that awarded two projects such as PROSUITE (, that developed a 5-pillar framework based on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment technique and supported by a freeware Decision Support System developed with the consultancy of GreenDelta.

Within LCSA4TRANSPORT the fellow will take advantage of the experience from UNIPA and UNOTT in developing a sustainability assessment rating system for railways and roads infrastructures technologies ( and will try 1) broadening this framework by using the outcomes of the PROSUITE project. 2) furthermore the fellow will carry out the sustainability assessment of the technologies developed in other SMARTI projects.

Expected Results

Sustainability Assessment framework for transport infrastructure technologies and implementation in a freeware decision support system.

Expected Collaborations

Planned secondment(s) and Training offered: UNIPA will provide expertise with asset management, life cycle costing and railway engineering. The partnership with strategic partners will provide:

  • GD: LCA software, LCSA methodology
  • UNOTT: sustainability assessment and LCA
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