SMARTI ETN will guide 15 early stage researchers within a stimulating platform where key stakeholders of the transport infrastructure sector will work alongside worldwideexperts in smartening of systems (developers of high-tech sensors, advanced monitoring equipment, automated structures, etc.,) with direct support from the roads, railways and airports managers.

This effort will be developed in 2 Research Work Packages where fellows will investigate PROTOTYPES and GUIDELINES in close consultation with the key stakeholders and worldwide experts. The research will finally produce recommendations to exploit the following SMARTI vision in Europe and beyond

Sustainable infrastructure is designed-to-last by maximising the re-use of secondary materials and minimising the impact on the people and on the planet.

Multi-Functional transport infrastructure are conceived not for transport purposes only and towards optimisation of land use by adding energy harvesting capabilities.

Automated feature will provide the transport infrastructures with the capability of pro-active communication by monitoring its own condition towards a more intuitive use and a simplified management

Resilient transport Infrastructure will be conceived to maintain services in face of natural and anthropogenic hazards and with the ability of fast adapting to change and eventually self-repairing.