WP5 has been created to promote communication between the scientific community and the general public to increase awareness of the importance of the smartening of transport infrastructures, The communication and dissemination strategy of SMARTI will be updated every 6 months and will be carried out in collaboration with the fellows who will take advantage of specialised training on communication.

Scientific Dissemination

The SMARTI Dissemination and Outreach strategy will provide recommended channels for scientific dissemination, guidelines, graphics and template to allow a coordinated dissemination of results and news. Dissemination activities and public engagement will be disseminated through several channels, few of them:

  • The reports and eventual PhD thesis that the ESRs will produced during their training-thorugh-research path
  • The scientific deliverables periodically produced from WP2 and WP3.
  • ESRs will produce publications in high impact international peer-reviewed journals.
  • The Coordination will stimulate joint-authorships with specific days within training weeks.
  • The ESRs will also deliver several podium or poster presentations at workshops and international conferences
  • Furthermore, SMARTI symposiums will allow the fellows to participate as a team within special session tailored for SMARTI ETN at international conferences

Public Engagment

  • SMARTI Open days will allow to promote the programme through at the host Institutions where local, national and international authorities, journalists and wider community will be invited.
  • Industry Days are an opportunity for ESRs to talk in front of an audience from the Industry sector and beyond
  • SMARTI outreach portal will be built by the fellows in collaboration with WP5. This will represent an online platform where outreach activities for different audiences will be always available (the SMARTI website platform or Moodle may suit: www.moodle.org). This Outreach portal will contain “outreach sessions” (such as lecture videos, but also quizzes, games, etc.) created by the ESRs for the wider audience and accompanied by tutorials to be ready-to-use by teachers, journalists, etc. The lectures and videos will be realised by the fellows to promote to wider community the importance of Sustainable, Multi-Functional, Automated and Resilient Transport Infrastructures.
  • SMARTI website will be built at the begin of the project. This will centralise all the online contents of the SMARTI ETN project also thorugh the ESRs personal webpages where the ESRs will update their progress and will improve their online visibility.
  • SMARTI online newspaper with reports written by all SMARTI community (ESRs, supervisors, partners).
  • The SMARTI movie will be a short, easily shareable, online movie that explores some of the key features of the smartening of transport infrastructure by including the results achieved from SMARTI ETN