The Centre for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability (CIPAR) is at the international forefront in assessing the reliability, safety, durability and management of buildings, bridges, pipelines, aviation, and other infrastructure systems. The pioneering research atCIPAR includes risk and reliability assessment, corrosion of infrastructure, and structural masonryThe CIPAR comprises twelve academic and research staff. In the past five years, CIPAR staff have published over 350 peerreviewed research papers and obtained over $8million in research funding from the Australian Research Council and industry. This places is CIPAR at the forefront of international research in structural and reliabilityengineering.

Key Facilities

Well resourced laboratories, and access to field test sites to monitor deterioration rates forsteel and concrete.


Mark G. Stewart

Robert E. Melchers


Developed and teach Masters level course "Management of Technological Risks’ at TheUniversity of Newcastle". Authors of textbook "Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Engineering Systems".

Relevant Research Publications

Stewart, M.G. and Melchers, R.E. (1997), “Probabilistic Risk Assessment ofEngineering Systems”, Chapman & Hall, London.Melchers, R.E. (1999), “Structural Reliability Analysis and Prediction”, Wiley, Chichester, UK.