Universita’ degli studi di Palermo (UNIPA)

Università degli Studi di Palermo, Piazza Marina, 6190133, PALERMO

Universita’ degli studi di Palermo, together with the Department of Civil, Environmental and Aerospacial Engineering and Material (DICAM), has excellent track record in research and teaching of several branches of civil engineering as road and railway materials, road and railway design, structural mechanics, dynamics and design, geotechnical sciences. The research group of structural mechanics is one of the few in the world working for many years with fractional calculus. The Department is regarded as the competence centre for research and teaching in the area of materials for civil structures and infrastructures.

Key Facilities

DICAM has excellent experimental facilities with several laboratories among which the laboratory for road and railway materials, laboratory of experimental dynamics with innovative equipment specially for monitoring and dynamic testing and full equipped laboratory for characterization the mechanical properties of materials. In the last thirty, the main carried out research have included sustainable constructions of pavements and railways by maximizing the re-use of waste as reclaimed asphalt, plastics, scrap tires, industrial waste products, to be included in both pavements and railways. On several occasions, the laboratory has participated in the RILEM inter-laboratory testing programs for the harmonization of test methods on pavements.


Gaetano Di Mino, Associate Professor (Research, supervision, training)

Laura Inzerillo, Associate Professor (WP5 leader (Dissemination), research, supervision, training)

Antonina Pirrotta, Associate Professor (Research, supervision, training)

Mario Di Paola, Full Professor (Research, supervision, training)

Natalia Colinas, Marie Curie PhD Student (Research, supervision, training)


“AllBack2Pave-toward a sustainable 100% recycling of reclaimed asphalt in roadpavements”, Monitoring and control system of the “Passetto Vaticano” in Rome (2012), “SLIM  Light Weight Integrated Modular Structures” funded by Regione Sicilia.(2013) International cooperation projects with Prof. R. Heuer, funded by Vienna University of Technology (International Office and CMSD): “Advances In EarthquakeEngineering and Structural Dynamics” (2013), “Health Monitoring of High Rised Buildings” (2014) and “Mutiple Support Exication of Bridge” (2015).

Relevant Research Publications

Di Mino G., Airey G., Di Paola M., Pinnola F., D’Angelo G., Lo Presti D., (2015), “Linear and nonlinear fractional hereditary constitutive laws of asphalt mixtures” Journal of Civil Engineering and Management. Di Matteo, A., Lo Iacono, F., Navarra, G., Pirrotta, A. (2015), “Innovative modeling of Tuned Liquid Column Damper motion” Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation. Di Paola F., Pedone P., Inzerillo L., Santagati C., (2015), “Anamorphic Projection: Analogical/Digital Algorithms” Nexus Network JournalDi Mino, G., Salvo, G., Noto, S. (2014), “Pavement management system model using a LCCA -microsimulation integrated approach” Advances in Transportation Studies. Di Paola, M., Pirrotta, A., Valenza, A., (2011), “Visco-elastic behavior through fractional calculus: An easier method for best fitting experimental results” Mechanics of Materials.