Universidad de Huelva (UHU)

Calle Dr. Cantero Cuadrado, 6, 21071 Huelva, Spain

The University of Huelva is a public higher education institution. The University awards graduate, master and doctorate degrees. The Complex Fluids Engineering Laboratory(CFEL) of the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Huelva is composed by more than 25 members (10 PhD permanent staff, more than 15 Ph.D.students). In addition, the CFEL has developed, in these last years, a large number of projects supported by different administrations, and many contracts with different national and international companies.

Key Facilities

Universidad de Huelva (ES), with The Complex Fluids Engineering Laboratory of theChemical Engineering Department of UHU is devoted to the study of relationships among microstructure, rheology and processing of rheologically complex materials(i.e. polymer-modified bitumens, lubricants, detergents, plastics, reactive polymers, etc).The Laboratory is also equipped with different process pilot plants to optimise the manufacture of a broad diversity of materials.


Pedro Partal

Francisco Navarro

Moises Garcia-Morales


Prof. Partal is researcher in at least 50 research projects sponsored by the public funds orby the industry, he is co-author of more than 80 papers in peer reviewed journals, co-author of several chapters in specialized books, co-editor of a book on rheology entitled “Progress in Rheology: Theory and Applications”, and author of more than 40 communications in International Conferences. He has been the main supervisor of a fellow in SUP&R ITN. Prof. Navarro is a researcher in at least 25 research projects sponsored by the public funds or by the industry, he is a co-author of more than 30 papers in peer reviewed journals, co-author of several chapters in specialized books, and author of more than 30communications in International Conferences. Dr. Garcia-Morales is a co-author of more than 20 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and several chapters in specialized books. He has participated in more than 20communications in International Conferences. He has been involved in at least 15research projects financially supported by public institutions or private companies.

Relevant Research Publications

Carrera V, Partal P, Garcia-Morales M, C. Gallegos, C. Perez-Lepe, A. “Effect of processing on the rheological properties of polyurethane/urea bituminous products”. FUEL PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY Volume: 91 Issue: 9  Pages:1139-1145 Published: 2010. Carrera V, Garcia-Morales M, Navarro FJ, Partal P. Gallegos, C. “Bitumen ChemicalFoaming for Asphalt Paving Applications”. INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH Volume: 49 Issue: 18 Pages: 8538-8543 Published:2010. Carrera V, Garcia-Morales M, Partal P, C. Gallegos, “Novel bitumen/isocyanate-based reactive polymer formulations for the paving industry. RHEOLOGICA ACTA Volume:49 Issue: 6 Pages: 563-572 Published: 2010