Senceive Ltd (SNCV)

Hurlingham Studios, 1 Ranelagh Gardens, London SW6 3PA, United Kingdom

Senceive supplies deploying wireless Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) solutions forRail and Construction, with a focus on geotechnical and structural problems. The company is now widely viewed as the preeminent provider of wireless RemoteCondition Monitoring solutions in the UK and beyond.

Key Facilities

Senceive has offices located in South West London. Facilities include development laboratories for hardware and software design; electronic and mechanical prototyping; CAD; Embedded software design environment. Senceive also has a production and test facility in the same location. Test equipment for electronics, sensor, software and firmware testing, including some RF facilities.


Graham Smith, Chief Executive Officer (Customer requirements; solution design; proposals; business development; marketing; management)

Bryn Smith, Chief Technical Officer (Product architecture, design and development, hardware, software, firmware, mechanical; system and solutions architecture and design; customer liaison and support)

Paul Clowes, Operations Manager (Production; Operations; customer support)

Simon Maddison, Chief Operating Officer (System design; solutions architect; university liaison; technical papers and presentations)


Senceive led two projects funded by the UK’s TSB (now Innovate UK) in 2009-11 and2012-13. Senceive also participated in WiRailCom an FP7-SME-2012 programme which was completed at the end of 2013.

Relevant Research Publications

Senceive is continually innovating, and in 2014 launched its version 3 platform, a step change in performance for wireless RCM. Innovations include wireless trackbad monitoring and wireless tunnel deformation monitoring, as well as incorporate new classes of the sensor, and a variety of different data backhaul solutions especially for tunnels. Senceive has won the International Tunneling award for innovative monitoring in 2012 and 2015.