Repsol (REPSOL)

Méndez Álvaro, 44 , 28045 Madrid, Spain

Repsol is an integrated multinational company, engaged in crude oil exploration and production, refining and marketing, chemicals and gas. Repsol has an R&D division involving ca. 400 people. Among its activities are the Synthesis of new Catalysts andProducts and Processes implementation at both laboratory and pilot plant scales. It also provides assistance for industrial trials.

Key Facilities

As an expert in crude-refined products, Repsol fosters a wide range of bituminous products for innovative road and roofing applications, including an extensive expertise in road recycling operations and superior performing asphalts. Repsol R&D Asphalt Division hosts excellent binders and emulsions formulation laboratories, as well as asphalt mixture laboratories, incorporating top physical-chemical characterization techniques, with access to a range of analytical techniques within the R&D center facilities.


Emilio Moreno

Francisco Barceló


Since the creation of the Repsol Technology Centre, Repsol has participated in multiple regional, national and international projects, which are related to the company’s main research and business areas. These include: 15 REGIONAL projects sponsored byInnovation and Development-related organizations of the regional government (Comunidad de Madrid), 50 NATIONAL INDIVIDUAL projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Spanish Ministry of Defense and 9 LARGENATIONAL COLLABORATIVE STRATEGIC projects (CENIT program). These projects include around 20 partners, both large and small companies and research organizations. Repsol is currently involved in 6 EU-FP7 projects in different areas. In particular, Asphalt area is involved in a project funded by Spanish government based on the self-healing material.

Relevant Research Publications

Barceló F, Moreno E, Páez A., (2010), “Mezclas semi-calientes, estudio de las técnicasde reducción de viscosidad y reducción de tensión superficial