Piezonix (PZNX)

325 East Grand River Ave, Suite 320, East Lansing, MI 48823, USA

Selfpowered (PFG) sensor technology that provides zeromaintenance health and usage monitoring systems capable of scavenging energy for sensing, computation and storage from embedded strain variations.

Key Facilities

Piezonix’s sensor-to-circuit integrated system can collect, compute and store historical statistics of a structure’s strain-rate and levels at operational power limits not possible with any competing heath monitoring sensor technology. By operating on picowatts to nanowatts of power, Piezonix’s self-powered sensors can function continuously by scavenging energy from, for example, a miniature piezoelectric transducer.


Nizar Lajnef, PhD Sensing systems for civil infrastructure (Sensors design and implementation; smart materials/composites and systems)

Shantanu Chakrabartty, PhD unconventional analogue computing techniques using silicon and hybrid substrates.


STTR: Investigating Self-powered Health Monitoring of Orthopedic Implants and Data Retrieval Using Diagnostic Ultrasound, National Sciences Foundation. S. Chakrabartty, N. Lajnef, N. Elvin and A. Elvin, A. Gore, "Self-powered Sensor", US Patent Number: US 8,056,420 B2

Relevant Research Publications

Alavi A.H., Hasni H., Lajnef N., Chatti K., and Faridazar F., (2016), “An Intelligent Structural Damage Detection Approach Based on Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Data”Alavi A.H., Hasni H., Lajnef N., Chatti K., and Faridazar F., (2015), “Damage Detection Using Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Data: An Evolutionary Approach”Zaabar K., Chatti, Lee H.S., and Lajnef N. (2014), “Back calculationof Asphalt Concrete Modulus Master Curve from Field Measured Falling Weight Deflectometer Data Using a New Time Domain Viscoelastic Dynamic Solution and Genetic Algorithms”