Highways England (HE)

Potters Bar, EN6 3NP, UK

Highways England (formerly the Highways Agency) is a governmentowned company with responsibility for managing the core road network in England. It operates information services, liaises with other government agencies and provides staff to deal with incidents on the roads it manages. Founded as a government agency in 1994, it was converted into the governmentowned company on 1 April 2015.

Key Facilities

Highways England's operations are split into six regions that are roughly based on the regions of England. These regions are subdivided into 13 operational areas. These areas are each managed Highways Agency 4 Year Strategic Research Framework 20142018.


Arash Khojinian


HE has it's own research strategy and priorities such as: The Highway Agency’s Strategic Research Framework is based on the strategic knowledge needs of the Agency identified during the HA strategic Foresighting Project, carried out in 2013. The Strategic Research Framework sets out a high level framework which will form the basis of the Highways Agency’s Knowledge Programme and ensure that value for money is obtained from our research investment and maintained by an area team and a contractor, known respectively as the Managing Agent (MA) and the Managing Agent Contractor (MAC).

Relevant Research Publications

HE has his own publication channel and create reports such as: Route strategies: evidence reports (2015)  HE website; Pilot route-based strategies for England's motorways and trunk roads (2015)