Via Istria, 55, 35135 Padova PD, Italy

GHT Photonics srl is a private Company assessed as SME. Formerly as Photonics Division of GHT Giotto High Technology spa, active since 1990 in the optoelectronic local market, it was incorporated in 2003 from a proposal of three Professors who had been worked at Electronics and Informatics Department of University of Padova, together with three local entrepreneurs.GHT Photonics srl mission is to combine high level and uptodate technical skills, total commitment to the customer and a young and aggressive team. Presently it’s one of the leading companies in Italy for the following market fields: Optical sensors and interrogation units for civil and mechanical structures monitoring; Analytical equipment for physical and chemical optical measurements on liquids, solids and gas; Optical equipment for telecom applications. 

Key Facilities

Fibre optic spectrometers based on CCD array and diffraction grating working from UVto mid-IR (0.18 to 2.5 µm) able to detect optical spectrum emitted by substances for reflectance, absorbance and transmission characterization;Optical fiber probes with different geometry, light sources emitting from UV to long-IR,complete turnkey equipment for Raman and Light Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy analysis; Optical sensors based on Fiber Bragg grating for many different engineering measurements: strain, temperature, deformation, vibration, pressure, acceleration,dynamic load; Interrogation units for above sensors, based on external Fabry-Perot cavity tunable laser, either for static and dynamic analysis; Solid state laser source emitting at many different wavelengths and power ranging from few mW up to 50 W.


Carlo Giacomo Someda, Chairman, former Full Professor

Bruno Griffoni, Director, expert in fibre optics technology for telecom and sensing


2008-2009 FP7 EU “MONICO”: Fibre optics based intelligent monitoring and
assessment system for maintenance and prevention in concrete tunnel linings;

2008-2011 FP7-ICT-C “GOSPEL”: Governing the speed of light;

2013-2016 FP7-ITN “HYTECH”: Hydrodynamic transport in ecologically critical heterogeneous interfaces

Relevant Research Publications

GHT Photonics srl has led a multi-disciplinary team to aim to design and develop a fibre optic based sensor to measure solid - liquid interface with the relevant applications in the hydraulic field; specifically, the equipment is able to measure continuously the scouring effect close to bridging piles due to river flooding.

Also, GHT Photonics srl has provided equipment and know-how for a turnkey monitoring system to detect the aircraft presence on services area of the Linate airport (Milan, Italy), made of FBG optical sensors arrays buried into asphalt concrete.