Via Scapacchiò 41, Casella Postale 97, 35030 Selvazzano (PD), IT

FIP INDUSTRIALE “Company Division” has been established to comprehensively meet the constant needs for prompt interventions in difficult and often emergency situations in the field of public works. It consists of an engineering staff and a technical team capable of improving tried and tested products and activities, for example hydro demolition, jacking of deck structures for the replacement of structural bearings, adjustment of existing structures to new applicable legislation  constant updating its products with experiments and applications in the chemical field, in the field of road constructions and environment requalification interventions.

Key Facilities

FIP INDUSTRIALE "Company Division" has the Certification of Qualification in the Performance of Public Works in the general works (OG) and specialized works (OS) categories, for each of which the specific amount for construction is defined.


Gabriella Castellano

Placido Luca Trombetta


FIP INDUSTRIALE is part of the permanent consortium "Cons.Fer. Consorzio Stabile" together with a group of companies with specialist experience in their respective fields. The purpose of the consortium is to synergically combine the industrial and business expertise of its members to contribute to the construction of large infrastructures. The consortium has been successfully working for a few years now, with the making and completion of the remarkable road and structural works, last but not least the award of the construction of the cover of the new soccer stadium of Juventus team, in Turin.

Relevant Research Publications

Anti-seismic devices: seismic isolators, speed-dependent devices, displacement-dependent devices, fixed restraint devices.