Electric Ant Lab

Panamalaan 4, 1019 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Electric Ant Lab is an independent private research laboratory providing contract research consulting and simulation services in the field of rheology and transport of complex fluids.

Key Facilities

Scientific Modelling Support
They have strong expertise in translating natural or technical systems into mathematical models and efficient numerical implementations. They can support other modellers in this endeavour.

Stand-Alone Simulation Services
Next to consulting they develop stand-alone simulation tools that can be accessed bythird parties. These services provide access to their models and HPC resources.

HPC Software Engineering
Parallel computing is an indispensible tool in modelling and simulations of complexsystems. Their codes are targetted at a range of execution environments, from multi-coreworkstations to national supercomputers with thousands of CPUs and many accelerators.They can also assist others in porting their algorithms to parallel architectures andimproving their performance.


Eric Lorenz, PhD


EAL is a young company composed by PhD and Master professionals. They are involved in many different research project creating new tools for rheology analysis such asRheoCube.

Relevant Research Publications

CeBa - A low dimensional RBC model

Testing a low-dimensional model for RBC suspensions

Blood-Cell Separation in Microfluidic Devices

Virtual testing of microfluidics designs for cell separation

Impact of Particle Shape on Shear Thickening

Irregular, cornstarch-like particle shapes increases shear thickening

Exploring the Rheology and Microstructure of Magneto-Rheological Fluids in Simulations

Simulation studies of microstructural dynamics in sheared MRFs

Force Networks in Shear-Thickening Hard-Sphere Suspension

Frictional contact networks are hypothesized to cause discontinuous shear thickening