EIFFAGE Infrastructures gd (EIFFAGE)

5-7 place de l’Europe, 78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay, France

EIFFAGE  INFRASTRUCTURES is a leading figure in the European concessions and public works sector, operating through five business lines: concessions and publicprivate partnerships, building construction, public works, energy and metal.
EIFFAGE as Infrastructure CONTRACTOR
The combined experience of 70,000 employees helped EIFFAGE to generate revenues of €14 billion, of which 15% from international projects. EIFFAGE Infrastructures is the branch dedicated to public works, whose commitment to the“road of tomorrow” is a feature of a lot of the new research undertakings.
EIFFAGE as Railway Infrastructure MANAGER
Eiffage Rail therefore plans, manages and monitors the rail construction, underground and road works as well as civil engineering works in addition to the track construction. We offer all our services from a single source: we provide them ourselves or in collaboration with our Eiffage Group sister companies. Currently, we are realising one of the largest track construction projects in France alongside Wittfeld and Eiffage Rail France: we are building 182 kilometres of the highspeed rail line from Brittany to the Pays de la Loire region, thus connecting the Paris area to the Breton Rennes.

Key Facilities

EIFFAGE Infrastructures has two R&D laboratories in France equipped with full equipment for the characterization of aggregates, bituminous mixtures, cement mixes and pavement structures.


Francois Olard, Head of R&D (WP2 deputy leader (Research), research, supervision, training)

Simon Pouget, Researcher (Research, supervision, training)

Flavien Geisler, Researcher (Research, supervision, training)

Imed Ben Fredj, Railway Infrastructure experts (Advisory Board)


EIFFAGE has been involved in the ANR (National Research Agency) ORTHOPLUS (2007-2011) project about the global behavior of orthotropic steel deck bridges and the optimisation of their asphaltic wearing course. EIFFAGE was more particularly in charge of the monitoring of the Millau Viaduct, known as the highest bridge in the world. Simon Pouget did his PhD in the framework of this project. EIFFAGE has been part of a partnership between AREA (French acronym for “Rhône-Alpes Highway Society”), University of Lyon / ENTPE and EIFFAGE INFRASTRUCTURES, dealing with the monitoring of highways pavements using in-situ strain sensors. More recently, EIFFAGE is involved in a collaborative project about the monitoring of the new French High-Speed Lane called BPL  (commissioning in 2017), which is built and will be operated by EIFFAGE.

EIFFAGE is involved as associated partner to IFSTTAR in two ITN projects: SUP&R ITN (SUstainable Pavements & Railways Initial Training Network) project(2013-2017); INFRASTAR ITN (Innovation and Networking for Fatigue andReliability Analysis of Structures  Training for Assessment of Risk) project (2015-2018).
Relevant Research Publications

Pouget, S. (2011), “Influence des propriétés élastiques ou viscoélastiques desrevetements sur le comportement des ponts à dalle orthotrope”, PhD thesis ENTPE-INSA Lyon, France (in french). Gaborit, P. (2015), “Comportement thermo-mécanique de structures de chaussées bitumineuses”. PhD thesis ENTPE, France (in french). Pouget, S., Sauzéat, C., Di Benedetto, H., Olard, F. (2012), “Modeling of viscousbituminous wearing course materials on orthotropic steel deck”, Materials and Structures. Pouget S., Sauzéat C., Di Benedetto H., Olard F. (2012), “Effect of vehicle speed on
the Millau Viaduct response” Journal of Testing and Evaluation.Gaborit. P., S., Sauzéat, C., Di Benedetto, H., Pouget, S., Olard, F., Claude, A.,(2013), “Investigation of highway pavements using in-situ strain sensors”, International Conference of Transportation Infrastructure.