E. Lab srl (ELAB)

Via Nunzio Morello 20, 90144 Palermo, Italy

E. Lab srl is an Academic SpinOff of the University of Palermo. Since 2009 the company provides integrated services with high technological content in the following areas: Consulting & Monitoring, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Remote Sensing & GIS.

Key Facilities

The company carries out its activities in an office site in Palermo and has the following main equipment: Two professional UAV; Some optical sensors (cameras, infrared cameras and multispectral); Some PC (workstation, laptop and desktop). 


Giuseppe Ciraolo, Engineer (Expert in processing images captured by satellite, aircraft and UAVs) 

Vincenzo Pampalone, Engineer (Expert in thermography)

Salvatore Nice, Engineer (UAV pilot and responsible for the survey activities)

Vito Di Giuseppe, Engineer (Assistant UAV pilot and expert in image processing)


Current participation as a partner in the project "Smart Heritage" funded by the ItalianMinistry for Education, University and Research (MIUR) with "Bando Start-Up", Line 2: culture impact increased. The project was started in June 2014 and it will finish in June 2016. Moreover, in recent years the company has participated, both as partners and as consultants, to other research projects.

Relevant Research Publications

Salvo G., Caruso L., Scordo A., (2014), “Urban traffic analysis through an UAV”Salvo G., Caruso L., Scordo A., (2014), “Gap acceptance analysis in an urban intersection through a video acquired by an UAV”.