Dynatest (DYNA)

Gladsaxevej 342, 2860 Søborg, Denmark

Dynatest was founded in 1976 in Denmark by a group of engineers and technicians who combined science, technology and business into the development and manufacturing of highly specialized equipment and methodology for pavement engineering. Dynatest is a company incorporated in Denmark and is the parent company of a group of companies: Dynatest Consulting Inc. (USA), Dynatest Denmark A/S and Dynatest UK Ltd. In addition, Dynatest International A/S has established joint–venture companies with local partners in Malaysia and South Africa, companies that act as regional offices of Dynatest. The Dynatest products and services are marketed through agents and distributors with a particularly strong representation in the Peoples Republic of China and South America. In addition, Dynatest offers specialised services in the areas of pavement evaluation and maintenance management.

Key Facilities

Dynatest offers a wide range of international pavement consulting engineering services, including pavement deflection testing and analysis, profiling measurements, pavement distress surveys, friction surveys and pavement management system installations. Dynatest consulting engineering staff are highly experienced and specialised pavement engineers.


Mathias Bækbo Andersen, PhD, Senior RD Engineer (Research, supervision, training)
Alessandro Marradi, 
Vice President – EMEA Consulting (WP3 deputy leader (Research), research, supervision, training)
Martyn Stonecliffe-Jones, Vice President – EMEA Consulting (Research, supervision, training)


Previous externally funded projects include: Phd-project “Modelling of displacements of flexible pavements under moving load”, candidate Stine Skov Madsen, Technical University of Denmark, Department of Civil Engineering. Postdoc “Interpretation of data from the Rolling Weight Deflectometer”, Technical University of Denmark, Department of Civil Engineering. Postdoc “Visco-elastic modelling of flexible pavements using Finite-Element-Models” Technical University of Denmark, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Relevant Research Publications

Marradi A., Tebaldi G., Isola M., Betti G., (2013), “Evaluation of cement treated mixtures with the high percentage of reclaimed asphalt pavement” Construction and Building Materials. Betti G., Pinori U., Marradi A., Cocurullo A., Airey G., Picariello F., Tebaldi G., Jenkins K. (2014), “Short-term bearing capacity of foam bitumen recycled mixtures using lime as active filler”.Sustainability, Eco-efficiency, and Conservation in Transportation Infrastructure Asset Management. Betti G., Pinori U., Marradi A. (2014),The use of recycled glass foam aggregates for lightweight embankment”. In: Sustainability, Eco-efficiency, and Conservation in Transportation InfrastructureAsset Management. Betti G., Pinori U., Marradi A., (2014), “Subgrade and Foundation Dynamic PerformanceEvaluation by Menas of Lightweight Deflectometer Tests”.  Transportation Research Record, Journal of the Transportation Research Board.