Cognitive Media (COGNITIVE)

55-57 Tontine St, Folkestone CT20 1JR, UK

Founded in 2004, Cognitive works with corporations, authors, innovators, nonprofits and educational institutions worldwide. However, Cognitive is not just animators and illustrators: Cognitive is experienced visual storytellers and our ethos as a visual thinking company is to help people discover, learn and communicate through drawing, storytelling and animation.

Key Facilities

As the originators of the iconic, ongoing web series, 'RSA Animate', they continue to redefine how people engage with and digest complex and thought-provoking content in an era of information overload. Cognitive have collaborated with the BBand TED and provide solutions for a diverse range of global clients working across many industry sectors.


Andrew Park


“Roman Nursing Goddess  The Dea Nutrix” a Folkestone based business, to create an animated film about a Roman figurine in the Canterbury Roman Museum. “How The General Election Works In Nearly 60 Seconds” What do they do inParliament all day and what exactly is the difference between Parliament andGovernment A fun and speedy guide to how Parliament works. “Arts Council England” Find out about how our different funding streams work together to make up our overall investment in England's arts and culture.

Relevant Research Publications

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