CARDNO IT Transport (CIIT)

2AH, Oxford Rd, Thame OX9, United Kingdom

Cardno IT Transport is a leading international consultancy specialising in the development of transport and other infrastructure in developing countries. We are one of the few leading consulting companies that advocate the necessity of taking a broad view of development and the role transport can play. This view encompasses institutional, economic, social, governance and technical aspects with an overarching poverty reduction objective. Our broad areas of expertise include:
-Infrastructure Policy and Strategy
-Planning of Transport and other Infrastructure Projects/Programmes
-Implementation of Projects and Programmes
-Environmental &Crosscuttingg Issues
-Capacity Building & Training
-Appropriate Transport Services
-Monitoring & Evaluation
-Research & Development

CITT works in close partnership with institutions and governments to build on their capabilities and capacities. This is accomplished with a focus on the design of support and the required investments, in order to ensure that CITT clients achieve sustainable benefits and are successful in alleviating poverty, stimulating trade and creating wealth.The CITT business unit, as an infrastructure engineering and construction consultancy firm, has an outstanding international reputation. Evidence for this can be found in the pioneering role it has played in the evolution and international acceptance of the concept of access stimulated poverty alleviation and the design of related investment programmes. This is combined with a long track record of experience in the preparation of transport infrastructure design standards, capacity building for institutions and governments; project formulation and management, policy analysis and advice, monitoring and evaluation and enhancing value for money.

Key Facilities

Headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK, Cardno IT Transport has an international reputation for its work, with 35 years' experience in providing high-quality consultancy services to a wide range of clients in the UK and overseas, including governments, multilateral and bilateral aid agencies, NGOs and the private sector. Cardno IT Transport has a proven track-record of over 700 assignments and our expertise encompasses technical, social, economic, institutional, and governance aspects.

Andy McLoughlin, Managing Director, Road Safety Expert
Dave Jennings, Principal Consultant, Capacity Building and Training Experts
Dick Komakech, Senior Consultant, Capacity building, Institutional Strengthening, Transport Policy Expert
Henry Nkwanga, Senior Consultant, Road Asset Management Expert
Ellen Rogan, Junior Consultant, Researcher
James Evans, Junior Consultant, Researcher

Numerous capacity building programmes across Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, over 35years.

Currently managing AFACP/ASCAP (The Africa/Asia Community AccessProgramme) a 6-year DFID funded (£19m) applied research programme covering countries in Africa and Asia in relation to research that improves rural access.

Relevant Research Publications

More than 60 research assignments underway since inception of the AFCAP/ASCAPprogramme in 2015.