AECOM infrastructure & environment UK ltd (AECOM)

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AECOM is a leading provider of engineering, construction and technical services for public agencies and private sector companies around the world. The Company offers a full range of program management; planning, design and engineering; systems engineering and technical assistance; construction and construction management; operations and maintenance; and decommissioning and closure services for power, infrastructure, industrial and commercial, and federal projects and programmes. Of particular relevance to this project is our Remote Condition Monitoring and TrackAsset Management team. These teams are highly experienced in the investigation, survey, monitoring, design and modelling all types of highway and railway assets and associated asset management consultancy. All stages of the project cycle are covered, from conceptual design and feasibility to design of renewal or upgrade and management of assets. Our Nottingham based asset management team delivers a range of strategic, tactical and operational asset management services across a range of sectors, with particular strength in transportation.

Key Facilities

AECOM has over 30 offices around the UK. Our offices based In Nottingham is the SMARTI ETN Infrastructure and Equipment central hub for a range of surveys, investigations and monitoring carried out by AECOM staff of railway sites around the UK. At our Nottingham office, we have a large laboratory facility for the testing of a range of materials from a broad range of asset types, as well as a full-scale track and pavement test facility. Through various framework contracts with asset owners and operators (e.g. Network Rail), we also have access to client portals to a range of asset condition and performance data sets in support of the project.


Matthew Brough, Director of the Rail Asset Management team (Research, supervision, training)

Paul Clarke, Head of Geophysics and Monitoring (Research, supervision, training)


Industrial Partner “Investigation into the Development and Role of Structure in Railway Ballast” (University of Nottingham, Southampton), “Identifying the Key Parameters that influence Geogrid Reinforcement of Railway ballast” (University of Nottingham) and “ISERT Improving the Stiffness of Existing Railway Track EPSRCLink” (University of Birmingham) Industrial Advisor “FUTURENET - future resilient transport networks” (University of Birmingham) and “Railway Track for the 21st Century” (University of Southampton, Birmingham, Nottingham) Industrial Mentor - Effect of Transitions at Railway Structures on Track Performance(ERASMUS - University of Pisa) and “Measurement of Material Fouling by Ground Probing Radar” (ERASMUS Université de Savoie - Polytech'Savoie)Industrial Supervisor: “Tracklife Engineering Doctorate” (University ofSouthampton).

Industrial Advisor: Track to the Future (University of Southampton) Industrial Partner: “Sustainable Pavements and Training Network - SUPER ITN” (University of Nottingham) and “Training in Reducing Uncertainty in Structural Safety TRUSS” (University of Nottingham).

Relevant Research Publications

“New Civil Engineer Tunnelling & Underground Space Awards”: Winner of Ground Investigation and Monitoring category. Conference proceedings: “Prediction of earthwork failures using track recording car data”,“Analysis of track performance over innovative trackbed Treatments in transition zones”, “The rail trackform stiffness tester - development and early trials to assess stiffness characteristics of noveltrackforms”. Brough M. J, (2008), “Trackbed investigation, design and construction: Part 1: Investigation”.