Bâtiment Placel, Route de Vannes, 44880 SAUTRON

A3IP is developing intelligent data acquisition and monitoring systems, PEGASE Instrumentation, the way to observe and monitor any structure. 

Applications and activities: 

 “PONT DE JAUGE”: strain gage, temperature, accelerometer measurements

 CASC: supervision of bridge cables

 FISSUROMETER: followup of crack propagation 

 MOTORWAYS / RAILWAYS: civil engineering and metallic structure monitoring

 GPS: movement measurements by using a highprecision GPS

 POLLUTION: multiparameter measurements of urban pollution possibility to purchase generic development cards

 TRAINING: to know the PEGASEInstrumentation

Key Facilities

Key points of PEGASE systems: microsecond precision, control in real time of several PEGASE-Instrumentation housings, wireless sensor networks, energy efficient, can be deployed everywhere powered by a solar panel, web monitoring interface, available on PC, tablet and smartphone.


Benoît Mathonnet and Cyril Haenel, Electricians - Director and technical manager of A3IP.


A3IP develops data acquisition and measurement systems based mainly on the multi-purpose wireless data acquisition board PEGASE. A3IP is involved in projects with Public research laboratories: IFSTTAR, CEREMA; Engineering schools and universities: ESEO, Polytech Nantes, University of Nantes (for training applications); Infrastructure managers: COLAS, SNCF,  DIR A, ADVITAM, EUROVIA, GEELECTRIQUE.

Relevant Research Publications

PEGASE Instrumentation benefits from competences, expertise and feedback from: 

- French Civil Engineering (IFSTTAR) in the lab and on site. 

- Other Partners: CEREMA, Power-Lan, etc.