This February The University of Nottingham (Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre) will host our first training event where 15 fellows will travel to the UK from all Europe to meet each other and start working as one.

During “Introductory week on Transport Infrastructures”, they will have the opportunity to meet industry partners and learn more about railways and pavement design, construction, maintenance and operation, materials, risk and reliability and sustainability and climate change.

Last week we introduced you to the first group of researchers working under SMARTI Prototypes, sharing their expectations for the next 3 years, and now we are finishing the circle with the second group of SMARTI fellows, who will work on the improvement and development of their projects under Work Package 3 – SMARTI Guidelines.

We are proud to say that SMARTI ETN network is now complete and composed of young people eager to learn and improve themselves, looking forward to the opportunities and challenges lying ahead. Let the training begin!

Gaspare Giancontieri

ESR8 “COMPutational design and characterisation of RHEOlogically COMPlex emerging Materials”

Gaspare has a mechanical engineering background, however, in the last years, he developed a deep interest in rheology and computational fluid dynamic modelling. His MSc dissertation was made in collaboration with the University of Nottingham, where he was able to optimise the laboratory equipment to make more realistic viscosity measurements through experimental and numerical techniques.

“It will give me the chance to keep working on a topic that I really enjoy but also thanks to the SMARTI network an amazing opportunity for professional and personal growth.”

Philippe Sohouenou

ESR9 “Risk-based Resilience indicators for Roadway networks”

In 2016, Philippe graduated with masters’ degrees in civil engineering from ESTP Paris and the University of Nottingham. Throughout studies and work experiences, he developed a passion for innovation and transportation projects. This passion led me to join the NTEC (Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre) as a research fellow. My areas of interest include Mathematical modelling, Resilience, Risk and Reliability Assessment, Structural Engineering, Sustainability, Transportation Asset Management.

“SMARTI fits my careers’ plans and interests, as it will allow me to work in an international and industry-focused research environment. I expect to collaborate and learn from the bright professional involved in the Network. I hope that the training programme will allow me and my co-fellows to produce world-class and useful research efforts.”

Konstantinos Mantalovas

ESR10 “Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment for Transport Infrastructures”

Konstantinos acquired his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Civil Engineering in the section of Transportation, Transportation Infrastructure, Project Management and Development from the “Aristotle University of Thessaloniki” (2014). Served the compulsory army service in Athens, Greece and then completed another MSc in Transportation Infrastructure Engineering – Sustainable Highways in the University of Nottingham (2017).

“The state-of-the-art, network-wide and local training, exploiting the full SMARTI network potential, will be able to provide unique opportunities for enhancing basic, scientific, research, public engagement and of course personal skills.”

Pawan Deep

ESR11 “Dynamic Structural Evaluation of Runways”

“Pawan holds bachelors in Mechanical engineering(2013) and Masters in Computational Mechanics(2017). He has worked for two years in Commercial vehicles and Bus Manufacturing company ‘ASHOK LEYLAND’, which is a leading company in India after he finished his graduation. His career interests involve solving a physical problem coming from a challenging engineering application. Solving the problem in a comprehensive way along with being to understand the data coming out of measurements are his interests.”

“From this project, I expect to contribute Dynamic structural evaluation of runways to be performed by the new continuous pavement response measurement device’Rolling wheel deflectometer’ being developed at the Dynatest International A/S.”

Ronald Anthony Robert

ESR8 ESR12 “SUstainable ROad MAnagement through Low Cost Techniques”

Ronald is from a small developing country, the only English speaking country in South America! He has avid Interest in Highway engineering and Transport, having completed a BEng in Civil Engineering with an MSc in Transport Planning and Engineering. Loves running and watching sports especially football and cricket. He completed The Great North Run twice in Newcastle, UK and hoping for more runs!

“I am excited to embark on this SMARTI ETN journey and be part of this tremendous network of esteemed companies, universities and researchers across different cross-disciplines. I want to help contribute something that makes road networks more sustainable globally and I believe this opportunity is unique and will have a global reach.”

Antonino Scalia

ESR13 “Satellite Monitoring of Traffic Loading on Bridges”

Antonino is a Building Engineer. He studied at University of Palermo, Italy, and obtained his Bachelor Degree in 2013 and his Master Degree (Hons) in 2016. The Master thesis (Title: “Criteria for seismic vulnerability evaluation at urban scale”) was partially developed at University of Granada, Spain, as part of the Erasmus project. Antonino’s career started in Spain where he was employed as Building Engineer for “ACE Ingenieros” (Granada, 2016), dealing with civil buildings design and renovation, legalization of buildings, energy performance certificates, architectural plants, real estate estimates. In 2017, Antonino worked as public school teacher in Bergamo, Italy.

“I would like to work in the search for new intelligent materials and new intelligent engineering disciplines in the field of civil engineering, respecting the environment, and I see a PhD curriculum as the perfect opportunity to improve my skills and get excellent expertise in a lot of fields.”

Paulina Leiva Padilla

ESR14 “Mechanomutable asphalt binders for the construction of smart pavements”

Paulina is Costarrican. She was working at the National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models of the University of Costa Rica (LanammeUCR), first as a research assistant and then as a junior researcher.

“I am sure that SMARTI ETN program will be the bridge, to achieve the personal and professional profile that I am looking for now. The success showed in previous programs makes me feel so proud of being part of the new generation of ESR of the SMARTI ETN and very committed and grateful with all the work team who are believing in me.”

Natasha Bahrani Baloch

ESR15 “Multi-functional road monitoring system”

Natasha is a Communication system and Network engineer. Her research fields include Wireless sensor networks, Vehicular communication and intelligent transport systems.

“With this project, we would be able to have continuous monitoring system of pavements under real-time traffic and observe the conditions and performance of the pavements. I am sure this PhD opportunity would make it easier for me to pursue my passion in the field of research and development.”